2092. Find All People With Secret -Level Hard

You are given an integer n indicating there are n people numbered from 0 to n - 1. You are also given a 0-indexed 2D integer array meetings where meetings[i] = [xi, yi, timei] indicates that person xi and person yi have a meeting at timei. A person may attend multiple meetings at the same time. Finally, you are given an integer firstPerson. Person 0 has a secret and initially shares the secret with a person firstPerson at time 0. This secret is then shared every time a meeting takes place with a person that has the secret. More formally, for every meeting, if a person xi has the secret at timei, then they will share the secret with person yi, and vice versa. The secrets are shared instantaneously. That is, a person may receive the secret and share it with people in other meetings within the same time frame. Return a list of all the people that have the secret after all the meetings have taken place. You may return the answer in any order

Maximum Sum Problem

A number n can be broken into three parts n/2, n/3, and n/4 (consider only the integer part). Each number obtained in this process can be divided further recursively. Find the maximum sum that can be obtained by summing up the divided parts together. Note: It is possible that we don't divide the number at all.

Print Reversed Linked List

You have been given a singly linked list of integers. Write a function to print the list in a reverse order. To explain it further, you need to start printing the data from the tail and move towards the head of the list, printing the head data at the end. Note : You can’t change any of the pointers in the linked list, just print the linked list in the reverse order.